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Born in the USSA? Americans cozy up to Socialism as Neocons pursue...

•, Robert Bridge

Capitalism has traditionally ranked alongside apple pie and baseball in the hearts of Americans, yet Socialism is reportedly winning over the youth. Did they miss the mainstream reports about empty store shelves in Caracas?

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, under duress from the US and its allies, must have enjoyed a good laugh this week when he read the news out of America. As Washington looks determined to overthrow Venezuela's democratically elected Socialist government, with a puppet leader already waiting in the wings, a new poll showed that 61 percent of Americans aged 18 and 24 have a favorable attitude to the term 'socialism'. 

Capitalism, still weathering the storm despite the Great Depression, the Great Recession, and Jeff Bezos, got a 58-percent favorability ranking among the same demographic.

In total, 39 percent of Americans said they are "well-disposed toward socialism."