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May And Merkel Fiddle While Their Unions Burn

•, By Tyler Durden

Uncorroborated? Sure. Most likely true. Of course.

The European Union doesn't want Brexit to happen. And if it were to happen it would only be acceptable to them if it looks like the deal Mrs. May put before the House of Commons twice only to be rebuked by historic margins.

This was not a version of Brexit anyone had in mind. Not the softest-minded Labour voter and especially not the sovereignty-minded Leave voter of the Nigel Farage persuasion.

It was, in short, a betrayal of all things fundamentally nationalist.

For the past week I've been watching a lot of British Parliament as it debates, and I use that word very loosely, the situation Mrs. May and the MP's themselves have put the country in. And, in a word, it is shameful.

May and Merkel both miscalculated terribly on what the British people would accept. It's obvious that both only thought in terms of the kind of political leverage they could bring to bear on the House of Commons which would eventually force them to cave to supposed horror-show of a 'No-Deal' Brexit.

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