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Tim Ball: Technocrats On The World Stage With Your Money

• by Tim Ball

There is a debate about who said foreign aid is when you take money from the poor people of the rich country and give it to the rich people of the poor country.  Regardless, it is an astute and accurate observation. However, let's take it one step further and examine what is actually happening. In fact, it is technocrats taking other people's money to buy influence and power while appearing to take the moral high ground for which they take the glory. Now the real reason is exposed, it is important to discover what happens with this money and its real effect.

Why would any country give foreign aid to a country that is buying millions of dollars of weaponry and maintaining large standing armies? Why do citizens give donations to countries that claim their children are starving when that country is buying weapons? Isn't there an obligation to look after the children first? Of course, but the children are just the pawns in power struggles, and the technocrats use your money to control those struggles without resolving them.

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