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The Alt-Right Declares War on Trump for Betrayal on Immigration, Opposes Reelection

•, Patrick Fleming

Over the last two weeks the three most influential Alt-Right platforms, the podcasts 'Fash the Nation' and 'The Daily Shoah', and the website, the Daily Stormer, have called on followers to destroy Trump's chances to be reelected because they are furious about his inaction on immigration. A similar mood dominates on 4chan and 8chan, the meme-producing message boards.

They argue, convincingly, that there is so much Trump could have easily done on this issue, and that the fact that he hasn't done any of them shows that he has no intention to do so, and that he is betraying them on the issue they care most about. In this they are echoing conservative critics of Trump on immigration like Anne Coulter.

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