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"The Violence Was Shocking" – What It's Really Like to Live in a City Under Siege

•, Selco

Nothing is like it was before. When you defend your home, you need to have a mindset change. Home is not a cozy secure place anymore. Home is the place you chose to defend yourself and loved ones. You will feel very different about the place you used as a defensive base forever.

To stay protected or to try to protect against firing and shelling required some skill, knowledge and in a lot of the times good luck.

The violence was shocking.
I can say that in the beginning, people acted very brave. But on the other side that was not courage, it was more like a lack of knowledge of how easily a man can be killed. People went out like kids with water pistols only that getting wet might be own blood or blood of friend on you.

I watched few times a man attacking another guy who is hiding behind some cover. The attacker is just running towards the guy behind cover and constantly shooting. The other guy behind cover just leans forward for a second, gets the timing right, and kills the foolish attacker.

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