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Canola Oil: Alzheimer's, Depression, Low IQ, & Cancer


Could canola oil lead to Alzheimer's or other problems with the brain?

Previously, we reported that canola oil is actually damaging to the heart and cardiovascular system, contrary to media reports. It is genetically engineered and derived from a specially bred rapeseed plant and goes through an incredible high-heat and chemical process before it reaches the store.

We know this oil is anything but heart-healthy – but that's not where the problems stop.

Canola Oil Misinformation

There is a ton of misinformation about canola oil on the internet – enough to make a person's head spin. I'm sorry to report that a lot of this bad information comes from alternative health websites and it doesn't help people make informed decisions.

One example of detracting information is that canola contains "the infamous chemical warfare agent mustard gas" because it is a member of the mustard family. Does that mean broccoli and cabbage are agents of terrorism too? Should I hit the deck when I throw mustard leaves into my compost pile? They are also part of the same Brassica family of vegetation.

Yet another claim is that rapeseeds were initially used in cattle food and were the true cause of Mad Cow. This rumor says that Mad Cow symptoms disappeared when rapeseeds were no longer used in animal feed. This often repeated information comes from a book called Young Again by John Thomas and is difficult to verify. When this rapeseed strain was initially introduced, it was likely fed to pigs, too, so where was the Mad Pig disease? You can read what he says at this link and tell us what you think. (It may be true that the rapeseed created brain problems that mimicked the symptoms of Mad Cow.)

And lastly, the biggest source of misinformation comes from mainstream and the medical communities who promote canola oil as heart- or brain-healthy. In this video, on YouTube, you can see that canola oil is wrought through a lengthy process including some industrial chemical baths that you won't find in an ingredients list.

But these aren't even the reasons to avoid Canola Oil, as you will see.

Canola oil was recently linked to Alzheimer's

Recent research claimed that high-fat diets were linked to exacerbation of Alzheimer's pathology. But we're not talking healthy fats like avocados, nuts and coconut oil. When you look at the fatty American diet, where is most of that fat coming from?

Fried foods.

Fast food.

Junk food.

Canola oil is the new favorite oil of fast food restaurants because of how cheap it is. Is it really so coincidental that there are now more inflammatory illnesses?