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Clueless CNN: Impeachment Still a Possibility for Trump?


CNN's Wolf Blitzer on Sunday night reacted to the Mueller Report letdown by wondering if impeachment was still a possibility. Despite the finding of no collusion and a lack of obstruction, Blitzer offered this question to Dana Bash: "And the question is, Dana, very quickly, impeachment. Are they going to do anything or are they going to listen to Nancy Pelosi and say, 'Forget about it?'"

Instead of throwing cold water, Bash suggested, "We're not there yet. I think the most important thing that we're going to look for next is what Jerry Nadler just said, which is he's going to have Barr come up, they're going to grill him on this. Maybe even Mueller. And then they're going to take the next step."

Even NBC and MSNBC journalists were more attached to reality. Kasie Hunt on MSNBC proclaimed, "The bottom line here is the likelihood the President is removed from office by impeachment before November 2020 is all but nil after this."

Over on the NBC Nightly News, Hunt explained, "A word barely mentioned by Democrats tonight is impeachment…. After this, impeachment hearings are that much more unlikely."

Back on CNN, it was Jim Acosta, of all people, who told viewers that there was nothing here:  "In the words of the Trump adviser, this is Al Capone's vault all over again. That's in reference to the live TV expose about Al Capone's vault that ended up turning up nothing. That's how they feel."

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