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Understanding Rogue Waves

• Martin Armstrong-Armstrong Economics

Over the centuries, sailors have told legends of monster waves that would appear out of nowhere in the middle of the open sea. Most scientists dismissed the stories as fabrications and legends. These stories were reported over the centuries by sailors who repeatedly saw these rogue waves of gigantic proportions rise up from nothing far above the surrounding waves in the middle of nowhere. In the 16th century when sailors began to venture past the Pillars of Hercules after Columbus, these stories began to commonly emerge. Many attributed them to the wake of some hidden sea monster. The ships that vanished were said to have been swallowed by these sea monsters they called the Kraken from Greek mythology. What was missing were any reliable measurements until New Year's afternoon in 1995. On that day, there were between ten to twelve-meter high storm waves and a wave of almost 83 feet (26 meters) high under the oil drilling platform named Draupner. This was the very first time one of

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