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How to Use Your Laptop Like an External Monitor


Using an extra monitor for work is a fantastic productivity boost. No more split-screen action between Microsoft Word and Chrome. No more having to prioritize which window goes on top. A multi-monitor setup also looks cool, plus you can use the extra screen as a media display when not in use.

If you don't have an extra monitor but have an extra laptop, you can repurpose the laptop as a sort of second screen. Here's how you can use your laptop as an external monitor!

How Can You Use a Laptop as a Monitor?

Multi-monitor systems are relatively common. You'll see them everywhere. Your doctor might use a second monitor for notes, and another for diagnoses. Using a second monitor can boost your productivity by giving you the extra screen real estate you need.

Creating a multi-monitor setup with a laptop is a one-way process. It's likely your laptop only features an outgoing VGA, DVI, or HDMI cable. You can plug a monitor in and use the laptop on both screens. Perfect, right?

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