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Polydrops finds a new angle in the teardrop camping trailer market


America's major RV makers have been slowly complementing larger products with light, versatile small trailers, but startups continue to lead the way when it comes to innovating smart, stylish teardrop trailers and small caravans. California's Polydrops Inc. is the latest, revealing a very polygonal take on the classic teardrop. Built from wood and skinned in aluminum, the Polydrop trailer moves seamlessly from city to mountains, whether you're towing it with an electric minicar or the orange C4 Corvette in Polydrop's photos.

Seeing the Polydrop trailer for the first time is a bit like seeing a blurry version of something familiar in a dream – you know what it is you're looking at, but it just doesn't seem quite right. With the Polydrop, it feels very much like you're looking at a teardrop, but what are those angles and creases? They're what puts the "poly" in the Polydrop and make this LA-designed trailer a highly effective visual piece that's both novel and familiar at the same time.

The 12.4-foot (3.8-m) Polydrop trailer looks like a project that started when creator Kyung-Hyun Lew, an architectural designer, connected a few points on a sketch of a teardrop trailer. Scratch a teardrop on paper and you could probably come up with a similar profile by sketching a couple of lines inside the drop. Polydrop adds facets to bring the flat teardrop sides into three dimensions.

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