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Bug Out Or Bug In? Making The Right Choice For Your Situation

• By Samantha Biggers Backdoor Survival

To bug out or bug in? That is a question that a lot of us may have given some thought to over the years. If you haven't thought about it much then you probably should ask yourself some questions that will help you think more logically about it when the time comes.

Here are some questions to think about now but also ask yourself when a situation arises.

How long is the emergency likely to last?

While there are things that it may be impossible for you to know, an emergency that is only going to have a major impact for a few days or a week might mean that you are better off staying put and not contributing to congestion or involving yourself in large crowds. A little bit of civil unrest in town, for example, means that you should probably just stay in place.

The Nuclear Incident

A nuclear incident means get out ASAP and plan on staying gone a long time or possibly forever. In this type of situation, you might consider using your car to get as far away as you can and even dumping it and going on foot if it comes down to it.

Keep in mind that if you bug out of a nuclear zone, there may be checkpoints set up for evacuees. It is possible for you to have everything you have carefully chosen and packed, taken and disposed of because of the chance it is radioactive. Then you will have to depend on the state to help you.

Those that lived in the Fukushima nuclear zone were not allowed to go back for any items for 4 years.

Do you have the supplies you need to survive?

Notice I said to survive. Just because you don't have everything you might want doesn't mean you don't have what you need for you and your family to survive. Risking safety to get unnecessary things can lead to tragedy. Just look at what happens when there is snowfall.

There are plenty of people that go about their business even when what they are doing is completely unnecessary. Considering the advanced weather forecasts and equipment we have today, there is little excuse for not doing your shopping in advance.

Is there civil unrest in your area or any of the surrounding areas?

Bugging out means traveling and if there is civil unrest then it may be better for you to stay put for at least a few days before getting out. Getting caught up in violence has happened to a lot of people.

If you try to get out and run into blocked roads or people that may target you based on appearance, what you are driving, or any other thing that stands out, the situation may become rapidly dire.

Where are you going when you bug out? Have you prepared yourself physically so that you can carry a pack for many miles if you plan on going on foot?

Some readers seem to have it all figured out when it comes to where they are going if they have to bug out while others seem to think they are just going to hit the road, bush, etc and see how it goes. Regardless of how well you know an area, taking off and surviving in the bush is easier said than done.

Hitting the woods/bugging out on foot is a last resort usually. If danger is coming your way and there seems no way to stay in place, then you should think about bugging out.

Those that are reading this that have heard someone say or thought to themselves that since they have a pack, gear, and a rifle, they can take and pillage for whatever they need after their supplies run out are in for a big surprise.

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Answer: "Bug inland, rural" and [get] '"hunkered down" on to a portion of UNencumbered, UNaddressed arable county "alloduim". Get GROUPed, GUNned, GARDENed, PROVISIONed ,and . . . S-I-M-P-L-I-F-I-E-D.

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