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Energy Lies Believed By Intelligent People

•, brian wang

A supercomputer and Artificial intelligence expert said that Nuclear Power was great except for the dangerous nuclear waste. Someone else at the table talked about using breakthroughs with rockets to send nuclear waste into the Sun or for nuclear waste to be dropped to the bottom of the ocean. These very intelligent people who have deep knowledge on various technical topics have been misguided on key aspects of energy technology.

The truth is nuclear energy is already the safest energy based upon its historical track record. There were highly publicized incidents with nuclear power (Chernobyl, Three Mile Island and Fukushima) but only Chernobyl had actual nuclear energy related deaths. Nuclear Power has generated about 85000 TWh over about 50 years of operation. Nuclear power has saved about 3 million lives. Nuclear power is generating over 2500 Terawatt hours per year. This is saving 50,000 to 100,000 people per year from air pollution deaths.

Nuclear waste is mainly unburned nuclear fuel. Used nuclear fuel is very hot and radioactive. Handling and storing it safely can be done as long as it is cooled and plant workers are shielded from the radiation it produces by a dense material like concrete or steel, or by a few meters of water. We do not have to go to more extreme measures to deal with what is already safe.

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