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Was rap artist Nipsey Hussle executed by Big Pharma black ops?

• by Vicki Batts

Nipsey Hussle, a popular rap artist, was recently murdered in Los Angeles. While the mainstream narrative is that Hussle was a victim of gang violence, a number of fans and skeptics allege that something more sinister is going on. Hussle was leading a documentary on Dr. Sebi, an herbalist from Honduras who claimed to have found a cure for AIDS. Suspicions that Hussle was gunned down at the behest of the pharmaceutical industry are mounting, and now many are wondering: Was Dr. Sebi's cure real?

Dr. Sebi was tried by the New York Supreme Court in the mid-1980s for making false claims about his ability to cure any disease. He reportedly went on to prove to the court that his natural cures worked, by producing over 70 healed patients who testified on his behalf. Dr. Sebi died in a Honduran prison in 2016, after being arrested for unknown reasons.