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'The most invasive search the government could possibly do':

• By Mary Kekatos

Andreas Gal, an engineer from Apple, said he was detained by US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents in November 2018

He claims they demanded he hand over his iPhone XS and MacBook Pro for a search

Gal told the agents the devices are owned by Apple and he was worried about revealing its contents due to a non-disclosure agreement he signed

The CBP officers allegedly told him that if he didn't comply he would be in violation of federal criminal code

He was able to go without unlocking his phone and laptop, but the agents revoked his Global Entry card

Gal said that on his next trip to Europe, his boarding pass said 'SSSS' in the corner, which stands for secondary security screening

The ACLU, which filed the complaint on Gal's behalf, says the incident violated his rights under the First and Fourth Amendments

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