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Falcon Heavy Rocket Launch Happening Soon - Why Is It So Important? - SpaceX News Today 2019


Falcon Heavy Rocket Launch Happening Soon - Why Is It So Important? - A 5 Minute Beginner's Guide. I'm sure many of you who follow Elon Musk and SpaceX know about this launch. This is the latest SpaceX news today. I made this video to explain all about the Falcon Heavy 2019 launch. This SpaceX news 2019 is brought to you by my channel: Elon Musk News and Video.

The Falcon Heavy news today is going to be very interesting. Some people aren't really sure what the Falcon Heavy Rocket is or why this launch is so significant. For that reason I want to give you a short summary of what the big deal is, what exactly is being sent to space and what will happen during the launch. After all, I don't want you to make any rookie mistakes talking about the Falcon Heavy to your friends. After watching this video you'll be able to discuss the launch on even ground with any follower of SpaceX. So the launch is taking place from Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Now, a lot of launches take place there. But What makes the Falcon Heavy launch different from other launches is the power that will generated at liftoff, in addition to the triple-booster landing after launch.