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Diocletian in Venezuela

• By Jeff Thomas

The same mistakes that rulers make in one era are repeated in subsequent eras. Political leaders have a nagging habit to want to grow governments to unmanageable proportions, invading other sovereign nations, whilst increasingly dominating the electorate at home.

Invariably, this proves extremely costly and the bill is always passed to the people, first in the form of taxation and, ultimately, in the form of confiscation. Eventually nations and empires collapse under the great weight of their own governments.

And, time after time, the same patterns are followed, particularly during the declining stages. Declining nations follow similar patterns with uncanny regularity.

Let's have a look at just three – first, Rome - an ancient empire that collapsed, then Venezuela - a country that's currently collapsing, then the US - a country that's well along in the process, but is just now entering the final stages prior to collapse. 

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