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How is what Julian Assange has done with Wikileaks any different than U.S. newspaper ...


(Natural News) Once upon a time, American newspapers and broadcast networks actually did report real news — bombshell, breakthrough stuff that was important and reflected the journalistic ethic of "truth."

And while many journalists of the day favored liberal politics, you didn't know it because they weren't overt about their political philosophies and their coverage of events did not contain evidence of any obvious bias.

For instance, the news media of the day covered the protests over the Vietnam War with detail and vigor as they occurred during a Democratic presidential administration — LBJ. They also covered scandals related to the war including the "Pentagon Papers," as well as others tied to Republican administrations such as "Watergate" — Nixon.

In the modern age, however, old school "mainstream" journalism has been supplanted by Left-wing political advocacy posing as journalism. In the age of POTUS Donald Trump, this has become especially obvious, as documented at sites like and

But there are still some outlets, if you will, that are doing the same kind of investigative work in exposing corruption as the American media of old, and one such organization is Wikileaks.

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