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A Collapse In 2009 Was Always A Sure Thing...Just Like Recession (Or Worse) In 2019

•, by Chris Hamilton

However, today I wanted to outline the impact that women moving into the labor force had on growing the labor force, but why this growth has ceased.  I'll also point out that the 2008-'09 financial crisis was a demographically driven crisis that was set decades earlier.

15 to 24 Year Olds
The chart below shows 15 to 24 year old employed males and females, from 1960 to present.  Based on the peak 15 to 24 employment in 1979 (and subsequent four decades of decline), there was always sure to be a like peak (and like fall) among the 25 to 54 year old core population 30 years later...or 2009.  Noteworthy is the relatively larger decline in employment among males than among females...and the fact that men and women make equal parts of the total employed persons.

The 15 to 24 year old percentage of males and females employed, chart below.  The peak in the percentage of males employed was in 1979 at 67% and 1989 at 59% for females.  Both have been receding since and sit at 50%.

15 to 24 year old male population and employees, 1960 to present, below.  While the total 15 to 24 population has essentially been unchanged since 1979, the total number of 15 to 24 employed males has consistently been in decline since 1979, a fall of 2.7 million (a 21% fall) over the last 40 years.

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