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Where Is Inflation Hiding? In Asset Prices!

• by Jesse Colombo

As I will prove in this piece, the people who believe in the "low inflation" myth are being fooled by the fact that inflation in this unusual, central bank-driven economic cycle is concentrated in asset prices rather than in consumer prices. By holding interest rates too low for too long, a massive asset bubble has inflated and is poised to inflate even further as long as economists and central banks like the Fed continue to be fooled by the "low inflation" myth. Unfortunately, the ultimate bursting of this unprecedented asset bubble is going to throw the U.S. and global economy into another depression.

One of the most fervent believers in the "low inflation" myth is President Donald Trump himself. Trump has complained many times about the Fed's interest rate hikes that have occurred during his presidency. Over the past three years, the Fed hiked rates from 0% to 2.5%, which is still extremely low considering that rates above 5% were common throughout history. As Trump said earlier this month –

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