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Holter: Gold & Silver "Will Survive The Whole System Burning Down"

• Greg Hunters

Holter says, "We live in a world where all liabilities are more than all liabilities in history..."

"This whole system is going to come down... If you see a house burn down, the only thing left is the foundation. That's the only thing left because the foundation doesn't burn. That's what gold and silver are, and that's what's going to be left when this house of financial cards burns down."

Why are dark powers intentionally driving metal prices down? It's all part of a very simple thought control message.

Holter explains, "Basically, it's so the people believe that gold is bad and the dollar is good. It's basically to support the dollar, and also thus support the Treasury market..."

"This has to have an official backing to it. It could not be done if they were not given a pass. This would not be going on if there was true rule of law...

We don't have free markets. There are no markets. All markets are rigged...

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