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Faster! Lemmings can't reach cliff fast enough!


Those guys are at least as determined to oppose the Trump/Tea Party Economic and Trade and Regulatory Revolution as the Chinese. (Though the Chinese are smarter — they'll likely make a deal and cheat on it where they can, knowing that Trump will be gone in six years, almost certainly to be replaced by another greedy sellout on the Clinton-Obama model by 2029 — a blink of the eye, to their way of reckoning.)

Nonetheless, when it comes to reminding us of the old Greek adage, that those whom the Gods would destroy they first make mad, you can't beat the Democrats.

Who have already conceded Trump his second term.

Think about it: If the visiting team shows up for a basketball game in your town, and immediately starts whining that some of your players are "too tall," that the only fair thing to do is to lower the baskets from 10 feet to eight feet, what do you do?

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