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anti-gravity project

• Jeff Lucas Astrophotographer

I write my ideas not to discredit anyone in the science/physics community of professionals, so I ask please be open-minded, work together; constructive thoughts are welcomed. When it comes to building a type of EM anti-gravity type, it's wrong, it's not the number of magnets, it's how much current you can apply to magnets (coil) to increase the magnetic fields by repulsion induction, eg. opposing polarities. My idea, energize the magnets (coil) increasing its magnetic field with the induced spin towards dielectric pitted (not smooth) plates, this setup is a polarized flying capacitor sandwiching energized magnets. Power in routes in series, top of the craft is positive and the bottom is negative. Shaped like a flying capacitor (saucer) holding 5.5KV+, synergy is harnessed from the spinning array stator coils that charge the voltage multiplier capacitor banks. This build of banks reduces the craft's power to weight ratio 5/1, no need of having huge magnets and spools of copper wire. How possible, is a strong surge of current, Lorentz force, R/C 10K rpm motors energize the Halbach array creates upwards lift, a downward repulsive magnetic field from the array creates a magnetic type of anti-gravity. I have created the frame using balsa wood to support the huge capacitor scaled at height 101mm, width 254mm consisting of 3 stacked arrays.

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