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Crypto-Twitter juggles censorship, freedom of expression after launch of 'WeAreAllBitcoin' c


Even though the Craig Wright-Calvin Ayre fiasco hasn't quite ended, crypto Twitter has found itself in another mess which has put the ethos of cryptocurrency and Twitters ToS at stake. The user of "@Bitcoin", a Twitter account that represents Bitcoin, is at the centre of this mess.

The @Bitcoin account was allegedly found promoting/shilling Bitcoin Cash according to some users, including Peter McCormack, Whale Panda, and Jimmy Song, among others, which didn't sit well with others. Jack Dorsey, a Bitcoin supporter and the CEO of Twitter, might be inclined to suspend/ban the account yet again as people are alleging that the account was sold, which goes against Twitter's ToS [Terms of Service].

The screen grab below shows the reply from Twitter CEO on the same:

Source: Twitter

This has divided the crypto community into people who are against @Bitcoin and people who support him/her/them. The people who support the handle believe that the account wasn't "sold" and that suspending/banning it would amount to censorship.