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RAC To Add Emergency Electric Car Charging Mobile Units

•, By: James Fossdyke

RAC patrol vans will soon get portable electric car chargers to help vehicles that run out of battery at the roadside.

The system, which was developed by the RAC and partner firm Original Ltd, is designed to give stranded electric vehicles (EVs) a "top up" that allows them to reach the nearest charging point. The "lightweight" EV Boost chargers can take power from a standard Euro 6 diesel patrol van and work with all Type 1 and Type 2 charging connectors. This, the RAC claims, allows the chargers to work with "99 percent of electric vehicles on UK roads today".

According to the company, the solution is needed because many electric cars cannot be towed normally and should be transported with all wheels off the ground - a process that usually requires a flat-bed vehicle. As a result, electric cars that run out of charge on busy roads, they will often be stranded in the road, causing an obstruction to traffic.

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