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Energy Was and Will Be Key to Economic, Military and Tech Dominance

• by Brian Wang

Offset strategy are part of long-term competitive strategy. It is a peacetime competition between rival great power to generate and sustain strategic advantage.

Offset strategies are not solely about technological approaches but have a powerful technological component. They are about finding the right combination of technologies and operational and organizational constructs to achieve decisive operational advantage and thus bolster conventional deterrence.

The US military talks about the two times it has been done since WW2.

The First Offset began during the early 1950s at the start of the Cold War. The Soviet Union had a geographical advantage over the U.S. in Western Europe and had a far larger conventional force of tanks. The USA used nuclear superiority to counter. Nuclear weapons were miniaturized to about the size of a football. The Soviets were able to match US capabilities in about ten years.