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SpaceX Finally Confirms Astronaut Capsule "Destroyed" From April 20 Explosion

•, By Tyler Durden

It also seemed to confirm that leaked video of the explosion we had reported on was in fact accurate, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Hans Koenigsmann, vice president of build and flight reliability, says that it is still the company's mission to put astronauts in space by the end of the year this year, a timeline that looks increasingly pessimistic given the massive setback the company suffered on April 20. SpaceX is still pulling together data from the explosion that occurred at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station nearly two weeks ago.

"The vehicle was destroyed," Koenigsmann said. 

The capsule had previously launched to the International Space Station in March and was going through its normal tests on April 20. The Draco engines were fired in two sets successfully, but the capsule's SuperDraco thrusters, which are used for emergencies, appeared to be the cause of a malfunction.