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Ken Griffin: Why The Younger Generation Is Losing Faith In The Free Enterprise System


In this interview with Ken Griffin, Michael Milken asks why the younger generation is losing faith in the free enterprise system.

Why do younger generations seem to be losing faith in the free enterprise system. And what does this mean for the future and what should we do about it.

Key excerpts:

07:00 "There is a sense that the ability to get ahead has been diminished."

09:20 "Where we see the government involved in great degrees of subsidization, is where we often see the economy break down the greatest."

09:45 "If you look at student loan lending, which the US government effectively nationalized during the great financial crisis, you're now looking at the consequences of this 11 years later - the cost of college education exploding since the government has been involved, creating a generation of students, who are now graduates, who are completely disillusioned with their economic prospects."

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