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The Facts on Arming Teachers

• Dan Bongino

Earlier in the month, both Florida and Texas passed legislation to allow for a greater number of teachers to be armed. Florida and Texas both experienced school shootings last year (Majory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, and Santa Fe High School in Texas), leading to debates in both states over whether or not arming teachers could prevent such tragedies.

While there previously has been debate over armed school security, arming teachers aims to solve some imperfections with armed security more broadly. As we learned from the Stoneman Douglas shooting, it is possible that security will be negligent of their duties in a time of crisis. And at Santa Fe there was armed security – so the shooter simply began his massacre in a part of the school where the easily identifiable security guards were not present.  The debate over arming teachers is different because no student would know which teachers are armed, and thus no potential shooter would know which areas of the school to avoid – or know which armed officers to target first.

And to clear up some semantics, the "arming teachers" debate isn't literally about "arming teachers." An "arming teachers" policy would only affect teachers who have experience with firearms (and a concealed carry permit) that allows them to concealed carry their weapons practically everywhere – except their place of employment, where they spent the majority of their waking hours.

While often characterized as as "insane" idea from the Left, there are already 20 states that allow teachers and other school staff to concealed carry on school grounds. In Ohio alone there are over 200 school districts that allow teachers to carry guns (where an estimated 10-12% carry). In Texas 30% of school districts (315) already allowed for armed teachers before this recent legislation.Th

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