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Has The Time To Prepare For Another Carrington Event...

•, By Dr. Peter Vincent P

A recent TV documentary on the USS Gravely, one of the U.S. Navy's new high-tech class of destroyers that cost $2 billion per ship, inadvertently revealed a potential vulnerability to electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attacks.

The Gravely's Gatling gun — crucial to defend the ship from cruise missiles and other threats — uses electronically fired bullets to achieve its necessarily high rate of fire. Yet, the ship's radar must be turned off while the gun is loaded, so that its electromagnetic field does not accidentally fire the Gatling's electronic ammunition.

So, what would happen in an EMP attack? Would that crucial gun be rendered useless, or a danger to the ship or surrounding U.S. naval vessels?

This disturbing thought underscores an essential reality: Solving our nation's vulnerability to EMPs — not just at sea, but across the country, for critical military as well as civilian infrastructure — must start by recognizing the gravity of our problem. And it certainly is grave.

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