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The Weaponizing of Education: Transforming Your Children Into Immoral and Ignorant Globalists

• Dave Hodges Common Sense Show

Over the past week, I have been engaged in writing about how the United States is being taken over from forces that are embedded within our country and of course, we are threatened by foreign forces. 

The domestic-inspired insurgency is the most dangerous threat to our way of life because it seeks to remove the underpinnings of our society which forms the basis for which we would defend ourselves from those that would seek to enslave and destroy us.

Before one can totally subjugate a country and force-feed the cancer that we call globalism upon the American people, the children must first be controlled. For if the children are not controlled, the ruling authority could face generations of rebellion. By gaining control of the education system, which is designed to dumb down students, the ensuing resistance will have a short shelf life. 

Any educational revolution must begin with undermining the system of government and turning the culture of the country upside down and this is exactly what we have seen with the implementation of Common Core as developed by the United Nations and handed off to the Obama administration. 

The mainstream media would have the country believe that Common Core is dead, however, nothing could be further from the truth. 

From Education Week:

To date, 34 states and the District of Columbia have kept Common Core totally intact.

11 states announced a major Common Core rewrite. However, they still have the bulk of Common Core permeating their respective education systems.. Essentially these states have kept the bulk of Common Core concepts within its education systems. 

Four states never adopted Common Core.

One stITate only adopted Common Core in Language Arts.  

The net effect of Common Core is still forced upon unsuspecting students and parents which comprises over 90% of all students. Slo the claim that Common Core is dead and buried is false and misleading. 

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