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WHERE HAVE ALL the MONASTERIES GONE? Freemasonry and the Fall of Catholic Europe

•, By Hilary White

In tourist brochures, Umbria is called the "green heart" of Italy – the only region[1] without a coast, and the exact geographic centre of the country. Though the most tourists usually hear about Umbria is about St. Francis, his was in fact a late revival; the roots of Catholic mystical spirituality go much deeper into Umbrian history.

Umbria was first evangelised in the 4th – 6th centuries by groups of Syrian hermit-saints who came out of their desert solitudes to take up residence about 40 miles from here in Spoleto and the surrounding areas – all still at the time very firmly under the jurisdiction of the Old Empire[2]. While the Emperor Julian the Apostate was busy persecuting Christians in Rome and trying to re-establish the worship of the old gods, remote and rural Umbria was being transformed into a land of levitating, wonder-working, Christ-worshipping, desert-mystic saints.

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