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Guy Spins Dial 'for a Laugh,' Opens Safe Locked for 40 Years

•, By Arden Dier

Visitors have long fiddled with the old safe that sits on a reinforced floor in the basement of Alberta's Vermilion Heritage Museum, without any luck. The manager of Vermilion's old Brunswick Hotel couldn't remember the safe's combination when the hotel closed in the 1970s, and a locksmith eventually concluded the 1-ton box was probably too old and seized up to ever be unlocked, even if the right combination was found, reports the CBC. A machinist from Fort McMurray has now proved just how wrong she was. On vacation with family, Stephen Mills was taking a tour of the museum two weeks ago when the safe caught his attention. "I said, 'I'm going to try this now for a laugh,'" Mills tells the CBC. "I put in 20-40-60, three times right, three times left, one time right." Then: "Oh, my God."

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