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Series Of Blasts Kills Four In Kathmandu

• Holly Kuhn

In response to the explosions, security forces are on high alert for an upcoming general strike organized by the Maoist group, and police have arrested 12 individuals in connection to the attack. A series of three explosions occurred in Kathmandu on May 26, killing four people and injuring seven others. The blasts in Nepal's capital mark an end to over a decade of peace since the conclusion of Nepal's civil war in 2006. There is concern that Sunday's explosions could signify the beginning of another period of unrest in Nepal as tensions between Maoist rebels and the nation's government resurface, and action must be taken to preserve peace in the nation. Police in Kathmandu are still investigating the incident and are looking further into the details and nature of the blasts. However, they have released some general information about the event to the public. Police official Shyam Lal Gyawali told Reuters that "three people were killed on the spot and the fourth one died