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The Purge


I just discovered this morning that the short video I made the other day discussing the absence of the latest saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety features in the 2019 VW Beetle I test drove recently has been pulled – apparently for "dangerous and derogatory" content. Which amounts to me criticizing the latest pushy-parenting-nudging "assistance" tech such as Lane Keep Assist/Steering Assist and ASS.

See here.

You'd think I'd put on a Hitler outfit and been ranting about "the Jews" – which by the way one ought to be able to do in a "free" country – whether "hateful" or not.

Speech is not action. Hurt feelings aren't the same as hurting someone. But hurting someone because someone's feelings have been hurt is hurting someone.

These feelings, of course, are arbitrary.

The feelings of the left – of hatred for straight white men, for instance and for the Orange Man – are sacrosanct. They are free to be expressed without worry about being suppressed. You can even be a "Coonman" – and play Al Jolson – and remain governor.

First Gargoyle – which deemed me "dangerous and derogatory" for writing articles explaining why engines are being downsized and heavily turbocharged to make up the power lost due to their downsizing (it has to do with CAFE compliance; you get to spend more for your next new car in order to "save gas").

Now DaToob – for daring to say less than laudatory things about pushy saaaaaaaaaafety tech.

This is the first instance I'm aware of that a video rant of mine has been pulled off the air. But I'm sure it won't be the last. Because  I disagree with various sacred orthodoxies. I dare to think – and state – that government fatwai'ing MPG standards is a disagreeable thing in an ostensibly "free" country – and maintain that the Safety Cult is a very bad thing indeed.

Because it isn't really about saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety.