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The LP's Latest Foreign Policy Blunder


The Libertarian Party recently released a video on the situation in Venezuela.

It is disturbingly mis-focused, embarrassingly ignorant and topped off with self-serving arrogance.

While decrying the horrors of "socialism," it displays an apparent ignorance of the interference by the US government in the Venezuelan economy and the harm that has done.

Even the Miami Herald, located in Doral, Florida, home to the largest concentration of the Venezuelan upper-class diaspora, site of a Federal Reserve Bank facility, a Trump Resort Hotel and The Herald's next-door neighbor, SOUTHCOM, recognizes this.

"Venezuela imports 80 to 90 percent of all its goods — including food and medicine — and asphyxiating PDVSA [Venezuela's state-owned oil company] limits the country's ability to bring in necessities."

But Dr. Kyle Varner tells us, "A country that is in the hands of the totalitarian left, it has been destroyed. We will never forget that this is the fault of SOCIALISM. As libertarians we are aware that socialism is death."

Dr. Varner is identified as "…a member of the Libertarian Party since 1999 and currently serves as the treasurer of the Libertarian Party of Hawaii."

It is not to ideological missteps of Chavez or Maduro for which we bear responsibility.

It is the boorishness and banality of our own head of state, as it serves as backdrop to the dangerous, extremist violence-backed coercion threatened by his nominal subordinates for which we Americans bear responsibility.

But apparently, Dr. Varner, the LP's new foreign policy expert, prefers the opportunity to bad-mouth socialism than to inform himself about the aspect of Venezuela's problems that are his, and all American's responsibility.

Throughout, he displays a simple-minded view of the Venezuelan opposition as a monolith struggling in unison and harmony for nothing more than "freedom" — a term he invokes five times.

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