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How to Exchange Your Amazon Gift Cards for Bitcoin Cash

•, by Avi Mizrahi is a platform that connects crypto shoppers with anyone who wishes to exchange their Amazon gift cards for bitcoin cash. In order to participate in the program as an "Earner" you don't need to send the actual cards to any interested buyers over the mail. Instead, all you have to do is fulfill their orders on Amazon. The platform holds the cryptocurrency needed for a purchase sent by the shopper and once the confirmation of the delivery to them is received, you will be given the agreed payout.

If you are thinking about converting your Amazon gift cards into bitcoin cash using in this way, you should keep in mind that shoppers are expecting to receive discounts in exchange for their cryptocurrency. According to the statistics published on the site, the company has facilitated more than 300,000 orders during 2018 with an average discount of 18%.

Another way to acquire some BCH, without having to open an account with a centralized exchange, is by using It's a recently launched global marketplace for peer to peer bitcoin cash trading focused on privacy.