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The baby space race: Moscow scientist vows to ensure the first child born in space is Russian...

•, By Will Stewart

Dr Irina Ogneva, lab head of cell biophysics of the Institute of Medical and Biological Problems of Russian Academy of Sciences, revealed the ambition this week.

'We have always been first in space, and would want the first human to be born in space to be a citizen of Russia,' she said.

But she admitted that so far Russian cosmonauts have refused to donate sperm obtained in space for scientific study.

Dr Ogneva did not make clear whether she expects the first space baby to be conceived as well as born in orbit.

On a baby being born in orbit, she said: 'We should take care about the person and not patriotic populism as the cornerstone.

'Most important is not the fact [for the baby] to be born, but [for the child] to be born healthy.

'And in this sense we are, beyond any doubt, competitive, because we hold the leadership in many studies.'