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With Russia's Most Modern Warship Now In The Caribbean Sea

• By Stefan Stanford

With President Trump warning that 'Iran has made a very big mistake' following Iran admitting to shooting down a US drone, hinting to Americans that we'd soon find out if military action will be taken against them, Russian's President Vladimir Putin has himself warned warned that war would have 'catastrophic consequences', something that every American now reading this should think about, especially with Russia's most modern warships and their escorts now having entered the Caribbean Sea as this June 18th story over at The Drive had reported.

With this new story over at the National Sentinel that Whatfinger News linked to Thursday reporting that the world may be heading towards conflict within the next 10 days with Senator Lindsey Graham urging President Trump to take out Iran's Navy or bomb their oil refineries if there are any more attacks upon American interests, also claiming his 'red line' is any more disruptions of the shipping lanes in the vital Strait of Hormuz, Iran warns they are ready for war despite claiming they had no intentions of war with any particular country. 

Yet while President Trump hinted of restraint, claiming that the drone shooting down could have been "a mistake by someone who shouldn't have been doing what they were doing", he also hinted at possible military repercussions that, should the very worst case scenarios unfold, could potentially lead to World War 3 with Vladimir Putin warning at the very least, war would be a catastrophe for the Middle East. But might they also lead to WW3? As we see within this story at the Drive, Russia may already be prepositioning their Naval forces.

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