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Cops Dress Up Like Road Workers to Ticket People Talking on Phones, Not Wearing Seat Belts

• By Matt Agorist

The Free Thought Project has reported on many stories over the years about police schemes designed to separate the citizens from their money but carried out under the ostensible notion of "keeping you safe." The most recent case comes out of Marietta, Georgia this week in which cops are dressing up like construction workers to ticket people for talking on phones, not wearing seat belts, and other victimless crimes like window tint.

Several agencies in the area have teamed up to "catch" distracted drivers who'd dare talk on their cell phones while driving and folks riding without their seat belts on in order to issue them citations.

Marietta and Cobb County police were joined by Georgia State Patrol troopers and they stopped dozens of drivers and issued them tickets for $50 for the first offense, plus an additional $50 for every other violation they found after the initial stop.