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Citizens Now Face Up to $500 'Speeding Tickets' for Riding BICYCLES Over 15 MPH

• By Matt Agorist

In a likely move to bolster the city's bottom line, Denver Park Rangers are stepping up efforts to catch people speeding. No, they aren't going after cars driving on the road, they are going after bicycles who are driving on the designated bicycle path.

Throughout parks in the city, the set speed limit for riding a bicycle is apparently 15 miles per hour. Rangers have setup speed traps around parks, using radar guns to clock people on bicycles who would dare cross that threshold.

"We try to suggest to people to get a speedometer, this way you know how fast you're going. There are a lot of apps that you can download for free or you can go buy one, all tools to make sure you are recreating safely in the park," says Denver Park Ranger, Jodie Ehrich.