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Trump Praising Today's Stock Market Is Like Bush Praising Housing In 2006


Despite all of the controversies, drama, and staff turnover, one thing has been consistent throughout Trump's presidency: his frequent praise of the stock market's performance and taking credit for it. As someone who has been warning that our stock market boom is really a dangerous, debt-driven bubble that is going to end disastrously, I have been publicly cautioning that it is extremely unwise and irresponsible for President Trump to be encouraging and taking ownership of this irrational speculative boom. In this piece, I will explain why Trump's praise of today's stock market bubble would be like President George W. Bush praising the housing bubble in the mid-2000s before it crashed and sunk the country into a deep recession.

Trump uses the stock market as one of the main yardsticks of his administration's performance, as the following tweets show:

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