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Innocent Grandma Locked Up for Months Because Cops Thought Cotton Candy ...

•, By Matt Agorist

An innocent grandma, Dasha Fincher, was kidnapped by police and thrown in a cage for months—not because she did anything wrong—but because police couldn't tell the difference between cotton candy and meth. Now, this innocent new grandma is going after the police who did this to her as well as the company who manufacturers the dangerously inaccurate tests cops used to take her freedom.

This gross negligence and kidnapping is all due to a flaw in the system stemming from prosecutors and police being unconcerned with actually testing evidence. A new report from CBS uncovered this problem in dozens of states in which innocent people are rotting in jail because police departments don't send the evidence — that could potentially free them — into the lab to get tested.

According to the report, the average lab turn around time is around 100 days. This happens to be roughly the same amount of time Fincher spent in a cage for cotton candy.

This horror movie for Fincher started back on New Year's Eve of 2016, a day this innocent grandmother says she'll never forget.

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