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What Quantum Supremacy Should Look Like if Google's Neven if Correct

• by Brian Wang

Superconducting quantum chips and ion trapped quantum computers are in the 16 qubit to 100 qubit range. Rigetti Computing is seeking an application that will give it a practical advantage over conventional computers. Other companies are pushing other metrics to gauge progress.

Google has said they are at 72 qubits but there are reports that that announcement in March 2018 was premature. There is only 20 qubit quantum computers that can be accessed via cloud computer interfaces.

Google has stated that they went from laptops, to desktops and then to a large cloud network to match the power of their quantum chips.

Neven has said that Google's quantum systems could become faster than any classical computers by the end of 2019. This suggests that quantum supremacy should occur with noisy superconducting qubits with 70-200 qubits.

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