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News Link • Media: Internet Now What?

•, by Scott Horton

First of allR.I.P. Justin Raimondo. As Tom Woods said, Justin was the soul of this site. Despite popular misunderstanding, he was not the editor or webmaster (that's me, Jason Ditz and Eric Garris, all of whom remain on the job for you here), but was very much the editorial director as well as head columnist of By the example of Justin's Behind the Headlines pieces the standard was set for what we (the libertarian movement, the antiwar movement, the site itself) knew, what we opposed and in what order.

He wrote the true history of American foreign policy in the first two decades of the 21st century: KosovoAfghanistanIraqIsrael-PalestineSomaliaLibyaSyriaYemen, the new Cold War with Russia, the naval "pivot" to Asia. He debunked the lies behind it all, large and small, throwing cold water on the spin of global democratization at gunpoint, and specialized in cracking the case on the smaller lies that make up the war party's larger narratives: the assassinations of Rafik Hariri and Alexander Litvinenko, the bogus case for war against Gaddafi, al Qaeda's false flag sarin attacks in Syria, the "poisoning" of Viktor Yushchenko and the FBI-CIA Russiagate plot against Trump as a few of many examples.

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