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Practical tips for living off the grid

•, by: Zoey Sky


When you talk about off-grid living, most preppers imagine themselves settling down in a cabin in the woods.


Having a large enough property means you can live in a quiet and secluded location. (Related: The top 5 prepper-friendly states: Factors to consider before going off grid.)

It's easier to start a survival garden.

You can raise livestock on your property.

You can set up a renewable power source (e.g., solar energy), fenced in pens for your livestock, and fruit orchards to support yourself.


You need to invest in your cabin, especially since livable land isn't cheap.

You also need to save up for a well and power generation facilities (e.g., battery banks and solar panels), which can get expensive.

Since you're going to be responsible for producing your own food, you need to learn how to hunt, cultivate a garden, and raise animals for food. You can also benefit from learning essential prepping skills like field dressing and food preservation.