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Net Wealth Distribution: The Bottom 50% Have 1% of the Wealth



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Those in the bottom half have nothing. The top 10% have 70% of the wealth.

Between the second quarter of 2010 and the second quarter of 2012, the bottom 50 had negative combined net wealth.

Here is the same chart in dollar terms.


Someone posted a similar chart on Twitter with the comment "this is unfathomable".


Many people have no savings and close to half the population (48%) own no stocks.

Please consider What Percent Of Americans Own Stocks?

As of 2019, the top 10 percent of Americans owned an average of $969,000 in stocks. The next 40 percent owned $132,000 on average. For the bottom half of families, it was just under $54,000. Stock ownership has fallen to only around 52% overall since the financial crisis.

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