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The World Jewish Congress Calls on the US Congress to Make Holocaust Education Mandatory ...

• by RT

[They can't name any Communist concentration camps, either, but that is of no apparent concern.] 'The Never Again Education Act' proposes making Holocaust education mandatory in every school in the US and would create grants for teachers to teach students about the Holocaust "and the repercussions that hate and intolerance can have on our society." [We agree that children should be taught that hate and intolerance must be rejected in a just society, but we fear that selective focus on hate and intolerance against only Jewish victims to the exclusion of those in other ethnic groups who have suffered similar fates is likely to miss its stated goal. Without knowledge of the death camps and killing fields of the Soviets, the Red Chinese, the Khmer Rouge of Cambodia, and the torture chambers of Communist Romania and Cuba, children are likely to form a false impression that Jews are the only ones who have suffered from such inhumanity in modern times and that Nazis are the only perpetrators. This false impression also may be used to discourage criticism of the political policies of the Israeli government for fear of being labeled anti-Semitic and condemned on a par with Holocaust criminals. That outcome, in fact, may be the primary motivation behind this proposal.] -GEG

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