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Breaking: Weaponized Government Mystery Illness Deployed


When a person wakes up in the morning they never know how the day will unfold.  I awoke to discover that the news that I dreaded to hear, had come to pass.  A weaponized mystery paralysis was emerging. Experts are calling this paralysis outbreak: Acute Flaccid Myelitis with the headline:

2018 Brought a Record Number of Cases of a Mysterious, Paralyzing Illness-"The 2018 outbreak was the largest so far." 

And relays the CDC does not know what causes this mystery paralysis.  Possibly this is Acute flaccid myelitis targeting children, but it has the distinct signature of weaponized botulism

A secret engineered botulism has been deployed that was constructed in partnership between government and academia.  It is a third type of secret and weaponized botulism that causes paralysis.  If you go the doctor he or she will not be able to treat you because your right to know anything about this bioweapon has been kept secret.  I knew that when the day came for release its signature name would be 'mystery disease' which includes paralysis.  If you recall the poultry, turkey and egg shortage of November 2013 that was the Beta-Test for this mystery disease.