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Chemicals in Nail Polish Linked to Cancer, Autoimmunity, Obesity & Hormone Disruption

•, Ali Le Vere, B.S., B.S.

It's no secret that our skin is our largest absorptive organ, and that what we apply topically penetrates its way into our systemic circulation, pervading our every tissue. Our skin is, after all, even at its thickest points, only a few millimeters in diameter. Although most are aware of the detriment posed by the chemicals in personal care products applied to the skin, which shimmy their way into our cells, tissues, and organs, fingernail polish is oftentimes overlooked, as the nails are perceived as sturdier structures less permeable to chemical agents. However, the capillary bed in the cuticle surrounding the nail, in tandem with solvents that render the nails more absorbent, may lead to increased absorption of the cocktail of chemicals in nail polish which elicit tangible effects upon our physiology.

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