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Render Artist Creates A Back to The Future Tesla Roadster

•, By: Gustavo Henrique Ruffo

The second-generation Tesla Roadster is driving people crazy on the internet. After a Twitter user suggested it would be the perfect real-life K.I.T.T., or M.I.T.T. (Musk Industries Three Thousand), people are now trying to imagine it with the SpaceX Package. Marques Brownlee, from Charlie Automotive, made this guess. Based on the Back to The Future DeLorean.

With good-spirited sentences such as "Looking for cheap plutonium" or "Would you rather travel to Mars or travel in time?", Brownlee has placed the pictures he created on Instagram and also on Twitter.

And we do not doubt Musk will get it done. If he proposes to add cold gas thrusters to a car, something able to generate up to 3G of acceleration, adding a light strip to its nose would be a piece of cake.